Parent Volunteer Program and Engagement Opportunities

We strive to provide the highest quality early education for all children enrolled.

Families are encouraged to participate in a variety of programs that promote and strengthen parenting, advocacy, and leadership skills, such as parenting workshops, Parent Committee meetings, and the Strong Start OC Policy Council where parents support the agency’s decision-making process. Strong Start OC parent engagement opportunities include the following:

Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC)

This advisory committee meets twice annually and engages parents with local health-based community agencies in identifying and accessing health services and resources that are responsive to their interests and needs. Parents take part in policy and procedure review and revisions based on community assessment and internal data.

Human Resources Interview Panels

Parents are trained in interviewing skills and are given the opportunity to provide feedback and input to ensure the agency hires qualified staff.

Parent Nutrition Assistant Program (PNA)

The PNA program educates parents on the importance of healthy eating and physical activity and engages parents with nutritional cooking activities. In addition, parents receive one unit of college credit which has motivated some parents to return to school and pursue a career in nutrition.

Safety Assistant Monitor Program (SAM)

The SAM program educates parents on the importance of safety in the home and at school and engages parents in learning CPR and disaster preparedness strategies. Parents have the opportunity to support the program by monitoring their centers for health and safety, and helping to identify any areas in need of improvement.

Resilient Families Program (RFP)

The RFP is an 8-week parent education program designed to help parents and children thrive by increasing connectedness, lowering stress, and promoting well-being for families with preschool-aged children. The RFP is funded and provided to OCHS families by California State University, Fullerton.

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